About Our Sponsors

REPS is a high-tech company created to meet market demand for information security, data protection and
disaster preparedness.

REPS solutions address the need for expertise in IT infrastructure development & upgrade in general and
biometrics, business continuity, and disaster recovery in particular.  Through its products and services that have
been formulated based on industry specific, REPS provides the assistance required by organizations as well as
individuals to upgrade their current systems or develop new ones.

Advantages of Working with REPS
  • Our company is technology-independent and vendor-neutral
  • We are committed to meet our client’s objectives
  • We maintain an interactive private database of market information on companies and their respective
  • We are a Think Tank that understands the need for interoperability between new and current systems
  • Our support staff is well-trained in bridging the human-machine gap and in providing solutions based
    on the latest technology

The Parenting Notebook Company

The goal of TheParentingNotebook.com is to enrich family relationships by keeping parents informed and
involved in the lives of their children.  Although originally designed for parents who do not live together, every
family can benefit from the site.  Never again miss your child’s recital or soccer game.  Never again buy Fruit
loops when their favorite cereal is Frosted Flakes.

The website is much more than a communication tool.  It offers parents an in-depth look into their child’s world
with the hope that consistency in that world translates into a sense of security and self esteem in their child.

As an organizational tool, TheParentingNotebook.com includes:
  • Family and Individual Calendars
  • Contact and Emergency Contact information
  • School & Teacher profiles
  • Medical Care Providers & Medical History records
  • Activity Details
  • Family Events & Traditions

Pages for kids to design and fill out include:
  • About Me
  • My Favorites
  • I Like
  • I Feel
  • My Thoughts About
  • My Questions
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